Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thanksgiving Is Coming

Thanksgiving is coming and I am very excited about it. I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. People tend to have more time off, families get together, and no one is expected to buy anything. There is usually a football game playing on the TV and often times you will find a game is being played outside. There are smells of food cooking inside and outside because the grill is going. There is a lot of talking and laughing. At my house, the kitchen is the center of everything but there are people all over the house.

My family works very hard at getting along when we are together. We do not agree on everything, we do not go to the same kind of churches, we have different interests, we are not even of the same political mind, but we all recognize the value of family. We are competitive so games are a big thing for us, but we like everyone to win. We are loud – sorry to say. We talk all at the same time, finish each other’s sentences, and yet, we listen carefully to what is being said – the things spoken without using words. Generally, we like and respect each other. I know not all families are like this, so that makes us extra special.

We do not get together as often as we once did, so the times we are together are more precious. As I get older, I cherish these times together even more. Oh, there is plenty of work getting everything together and I will worry over all kinds of details – but this is a favorite time for me because the family comes together and we are truly thankful to God for giving us each other.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

29 Years And Counting

29 years – hard to believe but Lewis and I have been married 29 years today. Oh I wish I could say that every year was better than the last, but reality checks in. He still folds the towels the wrong way, doesn’t put dishes where they belong, and doesn’t seem to care where he puts things but I am suppose to know where whatever is. I think the car should never run out of gas and I shouldn’t have to fill it, I expect him to be able to answer any question I ask, and he is king of the grill I don’t touch it. But putting those kinds of things aside, it has been 29 years of growing, loving, and fun.

The first few years we were adjusting to each other – no easy feat when married to someone like me.

Then we had a couple of children of our own – we are the typical yours, mine, and ours family. Now we had a total of 5 children, 2 of which only visited – but the 3 boys kept us busy. So the next years were a blur of baseball games, scout meetings, calls from the teachers, boys everywhere, and we were still trying to get adjusted to each other – no small feat as we both brought a lot of baggage into this marriage.

Then the boys became teenagers, we moved to Houston, and Lewis began traveling. The years became full of wonder – wonder where the new driver was, wonder when he will be home, wonder where my energy went, and wondering if we would ever adjust to each other – a seemingly never ending feat.

All of our children are now grown and have families of their own. The years now are filled with life – with each new grandchild we are reminded of life (we have 13), some of our family has died completing the life cycle, we try to visit all the family and be involved in their lives without intruding, and we seem to be getting close to adjusting to each other – a very comforting feat.

29 years not all picture perfect years – but all making our lives more genuine and at peace. He still won’t fold towels correctly but he knows how to answer all my questions and never seems to tire of me asking if he loves me or why. He doesn’t mind my cold feet, hot flashes, or the myriad of other quirks I have developed. That is why we are celebrating 29 years – we are still adjusting to each other and looking forward to the adjustments that are coming.