Tuesday, April 07, 2009

When is it spring?

How do you know its spring? Is it a date on the calendar? Or when the days become longer and warmer but the night are cool? What are the sure signs that it is truly spring?

We are starting to have warmer days - warmer is mid-40s to lower-50s during the day and just about freezing at night. These warmer days are showing us the many signs of spring. The grass is starting to turn green and the trees are getting the bumps that will lead to leaves or blooms.

The spring birds are returning to the area. The geese honk nosily as they fly overhead. The sandhill cranes with their distinct squawk are in almost every field. Robins, cardinals, bluejays, and other birds flutter about the trees.

Squirrels are busy gathering leaves for nesting. Chipmunks are running up down enjoying the warm weather.

Is spring when you feel the call to clean the house and begin to look for a summer diet plan? Spring begins the snow melt which increases the water level of the lakes and the snow fences come down.

I would say the ultimate sign of spring is when the crowds gather, the chalk dust settles, the flags flutter, and the ump cries “Play Ball.”

Spring begins!

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