Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My Favorite Season

Baseball 7 It is one of my favorite times of the year – baseball season. Yes, I like other sports but baseball is just different. Baseball touches me in ways others sports can’t.
…Maybe it is all the years I spent cheering for my husband as he would run around the bases and grin like a kid.
…Maybe it is from all the years I spent cheering for my sons as they took their positions with serious looks.
…Maybe it is from the years I spent as the official score keeper for teams.
...Maybe it is from the years I have spent arguing, discussing, and second guessing professional teams with my husband and sons.
…Maybe it is the food and the fact the game goes slow enough you can eat, talk, and not miss the play.

I guess I really began to enjoy baseball when I learned to keep score – the game became more than the players on the field. The record keeping in baseball gives it a timeless feel. Batting averages have been kept for years. Today’s players are compared to yesterday’s players in so many ways it keeps the game current even if the players are long gone.

So if you are looking for me – check out the local baseball field. I’m one of the ones with the pencil and scorecard.

Play Ball!

May 5, 2005