Monday, July 23, 2007

Deathly Hallows

Well, I finished the Deathly Hallows. It was a pager turner to borrow an old saying. I was captured, well with book 1 – the Soccer’s Stone, but I cannot explain my feelings. I have been reviewing how I feel and it is difficult to say. I am thrilled with the ending of the series; it is just as I hoped – with the exception of Fred Wesaley’s death. I was practically cheering aloud when Mrs. Weasley took on Bellatrix – I always felt there was a lot more to Mrs. Weasley than raising children and knitting horrible sweaters. It was good to see that side of her.

It is refreshing to see the “good guys” win and the really terrible guys lose, but then there is Snape. What about Snape? Snape was elevated and explained in such a way in this book, that I must reread the other books to put it all together. I knew there was a connection between Harry and Snape that went back to his parents and pleased with the connection the author made. Of course, I feel sad that Snape died but delighted his name continues with Harry’s son, Albus Servus. Only fitting that one of Harry’s children should carry these names, both men gave so much to protect and advance Harry.

The series is wonderfully fanciful, very well written, and ended – or is it? The cast of characters will lend itself to many others creating lives for these characters. Star Trek has the same kind of following and opportunities. Star Trek ended but others picked up the threads and created more adventures for us. I expect much the same will happen with Harry Potter. The fans will love it, there will be conventions, and people will read and watch the adventures over and over. It will span a couple of generations, as the ones the books were written for enjoy the next adventures and share them with their children. Watch for Albus, Servus, James, Lily, Hermoine, Harry, Ron, Neville, Ginny, Luna, and even Hagrid to become some of the most popular names for children over the next few years.

Thanks JK Rowling for the adventures, the opportunity to cheer for the good guys, and cheer when the bad guys got what they deserve. Thank you for showing life is not roses but what you make of it; that life is not easy but we can overcome; and that the most powerful force is, as Professor Dumbledore said, the most powerful force is love.