Friday, December 09, 2005

After Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has come and gone – check out Stacy’s website for great pictures. It was fun having the family around, but now comes Christmas and New Year. Don’t you just love it – holiday after holiday all the way up to Easter! More excuses – reasons – to get together and more reasons to eat! That brings me to this Ramble.

I have surveyed some of the family and decided to hold a family biggest looser competition. But unlike the competition on TV there will be no humiliating test or public weigh-ins – instead this will be on the honor system with the emphasis on reaching a goal weight and staying there. Everyone that enters the competition will be required to put up $10 and send in weekly reports of how they are doing. After 3 months half of the money will be awarded to the 3 people who are closest to their goal weight. At Thanksgiving, the other half of the money will be awarded to the person who has reached their goal weight and the person who has kept their weight off.

Hopefully, members of the competition (or other interested parties) will supply encouragement and motivation as we go along, helping each other. Who knows by the time Thanksgiving arrives we will be a much smaller group – not in number but in size. Keep watching for updates.