Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I was listening to the radio today as a newscaster told about another lawsuit to have a monument removed because of the “conflict over separating of church and state.” I became so upset I cried out to the Lord – “Why?”

Then in my ranting and raving to the Lord about how stupid this was and when was it going to end, the Lord revealed all this is for His glory. Let me explain. All over this country we have quotes from various people, Plato, Socrates, Shakespeare, Lincoln, even Captain Kirk. These quotes don’t get protested because they are quotes from a person – a man just like the rest of us – well exception being fictional characters such as Captain Kirk. Quotes from the Bible are quotes from God not from a man. The Lord showed me that every time there is discussion about removing a monument because it is a quote from God it is the people bringing the suit recognizing the authority of God.

Christians must stand and say in one voice that we want quotes from God left in public places just as quotes from historical and even fictional characters are posted in public places. But even so, we should take great joy when one of these lawsuits comes about, because God is being recognized again as more than a man. It is His words that can change a heart and a life forever.

Lewis’ New Job!

Short version is Lewis has a new job! It is with Bindview. Now for the details and the fun.

A few weeks back, HBU was selling movie passes for $5.00. The pass included a free popcorn – now who could pass up an offer like that. So I bought a few passes then asked Lewis to go to the movie with me. I said we could make the 5:20 showing of Robots. (It is a cartoon that is really really funny!) He agreed so we had a date.

We arrived at the theatre and went in to find our seats. There weren’t a lot of people at the theatre since it was a weekday (I think it was a Thursday) and it was 5:20. We sat down at the end of a row when a man got up from the middle of the row walked down and said “I know you!” pointing to Lewis. It was a man Lewis had worked with at BMC several years ago. They talked for a couple of minutes and Lewis shared he had lost his job that week at BMC. John said send me your resume and I’ll take a look at it. The movie was about to start – or rather the 20 minutes of commercials were about to start – so that was the end of the conversation.

Lewis went home and emailed his resume to John. John says when he looked at Lewis’ resume he thought Lewis doesn’t have any experience in sales and deleted the email – or so he thought. Later that weekend John was thinking about a new position he wanted to create at Bindview and realized Lewis had the skills for that position. So he went back to his email and sure enough there was the resume which John thought he had deleted.

Well, from that point it is as they say “history.” Lewis started working at Bindview last week and is as excited as kid going to school for the first time. He has so much to learn and thinks the job will be great fun.

Just one more time when we look back we can see the hand of God – some people say coincidence – but I believe in God more than coincidences.