Thursday, July 27, 2006

What Difference Does It Make?

When I consider what is going on in the world today, wars, hatred, bigotry, cheating, and the list goes on … I am drawn to the Ecclesiastes. Solomon wrote about the heart of man and how all that man does in his life seems to be meaningless – that is sort of how I feel right now.

What does it matter if I am a good person – who cares and what difference will it make in a hundred or even ten years?

What does it matter if the Jews and Arabs kill each other – they have been doing that for centuries and don’t seem to be inclined to stop?

What difference does it make – why do we struggle to be good, to stand up for what we believe in, work so hard to care for our families, volunteer to help others?

What difference does it make – people hate you for beliefs, envy what you have, spread gossip about you, steal from you, and kill you.

What difference does it make?

Solomon saw all of this, felt it, and his conclusion:
Ecclesiastes 12
13 Now all has been heard;
here is the conclusion of the matter:
Fear God and keep his commandments,
for this is the whole duty of man.
14 For God will bring every deed into judgment,
including every hidden thing,
whether it is good or evil.

So when I see the evil things that happen in the world I must remember that is for God to judge my duty is to keep His commandments. His commandments include caring for my family, work hard, standing up for what I believe is right, doing what is right, and serving my fellow man in whatever way I can. God will judge my entire life the good and the bad, so I will continue to try and be a good person to fulfill what God has commanded.

What difference does it make – an eternity!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dogs and Cats

Our dog, Bo-Bo, has a slipped disk which is pinching a nerve. This is a reoccurring problem but it is pretty bad this time. She has been put on “crate rest” for the next couple of weeks – no running, jumping, or walks; she gets out of her crate for food and the bathroom. She doesn’t want to walk but wants to be wherever we are. She looks so sad and it makes me hurt when I see her trying to go from place to place with us. But that is why we love our pets, especially dogs.

Dogs want to be with us … Cats let us be with them … Now I do like cats but dogs are different. Dogs are so excited when you come home even if you don’t bring them a treat. They forgive you if you accidentally step on their tail. They learn what you like and try to do what you like – you like to give them treats - they will eat them; you like for them to sit at your feet – they will sit at your feet even when your feet stink; you don’t like them getting into the trash – they will learn to stay out of the trash. Cats on the other hand do mind for a long time if you step on their tail, they don’t care to learn what you like but you should learn what they like such as the way they want their head scratched and when; what food they want; and they will sleep wherever they want.

Dogs have been living with man since man hid out in caves and wondered about fire. Cats have started living with man only about 6,000 years ago. So we need to cut cats some slack, they need a few more centuries to be as well mannered as dogs – but they are working on it.

At any rate, our dog is sick and I am sad – maybe I should get her a new rug for her crate.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Got To See.....

We recently visited the George Bush National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas. This museum is all about the War World II fight with the Japanese. It is well worth the trip. I was nearly crying as I went through it. The stories were heart wrenching. The displays were very well done.

I was very surprised to find this is not a memorial to George H. W. Bush since the museum carries his name. There is one small display that plays the film clip taken when he was rescued from the ocean after being shot down and a sign that tells of how he earned the Distinguished Flying Cross. (Note I did not say, “won” as if medals of this sort are awarded for sport.) That’s it – no statue, no larger than life photo, just a quiet display to honor this war hero.

I wish my vocabulary were sufficient to express how this museum impacted and impressed me. As I struggled to keep the tears from flowing my husband asked why I was crying. After all this was before I was born. In my mind I compare the current war on terror with that of WWII not Viet Nam, the displays seemed more pointed, more relevant, more intense – it just made me cry.

But I wasn’t alone with the effect of the displays. At one point Lewis was telling me about a Marine tradition that when a Marine that survived the battle at Tarawa enters a room all other Marines stand – his voice cracked.

The display is powerful. It is very educational. It is large. It is noisy. It is somber. Take time to visit it especially if you can take someone who has served in the military. This should be on the list of places to visit before you die.