Friday, August 08, 2008


Today is my last official day as a Houston Baptist University employee. I have worked for HBU 10 years and 11 months. It has been an amazing time. During my tenure, I have worked for 4 deans and 3 presidents. Each “boss” with their own strengthens and weaknesses, but all are very good Christian men. Having these men as my “boss” has been a truly remarkable experience and a great blessing, but it has been ever so much better.

The entire HBU staff and faculty are inspirational. We do not all agree on everything, we do not look like each, but we treat each other with respect and consider ourselves to be part of a family – a family complete with its characters, sometimes hurt feelings, and unbelievable experiences but always caring for one another. If you get the opportunity to work at such a place, you always consider yourself blessed. I have been very blessed and it will make finding my next place of employment difficult, because HBU has set a standard that other employers will find hard to meet.

Today I find tears stinging my eyes but as I look into the faces of those I have worked with, there are tears in their eyes also. The kind words spoken to me seem like they are talking about someone else, could I have really affected this many people. I find it very difficult to believe but then again, they have changed me.

I bid farewell to my home away from home, and know I am not the same as the day I walked onto this campus. Thanks HBU for making my life so rich and full for these past 10 years and 11 months. I will be watching and praying for you.