Monday, August 24, 2009

First Pro Football Game - First Packer Game

We went to a Packers game over the weekend. It was my first professional football game - well OK it was a preseason game - but it was great fun. I was given the tickets by my employer, I felt quiet flattered to have been chosen for the tickets. The kickoff was 7:05 pm, we arrived shortly after 4:00 and there was already a big crowd in the parking lot. There was a large “tent” set up for a tailgate party - food, beer, and a band.

Our seats were on the club level-outside. This means we did not have to sit on metal bleacher seats and we were outside so we could feel and enjoy the ambience of the game. The game appeared to have been a sell out - preseason sell out. There were about 70,000 people in the stadium Remember this game is played in Green Bay, Wisconsin where the population is just over 100,000. So it is pretty amazing support for the team.

We enjoyed the game, the fans, the food, and the fun. I would love to attend another game but I don’t see that happening any time soon - but then again, I didn’t see this happening either.

One comment about the stadium and the fan support. I think that since the cheap seats are the ones closest to the field this helps maintain the fan support the team has enjoyed for years. In many stadiums the cheap seats are in the nose bled section and you need binoculars to see the plays. Green Bay has it right - the most loyal fans should have the best prices for the seats - the loud and rowdy fans that make the best TV shots. Of course, the seats are metal bleachers but the fans did not seem to mind - you brought a cushion and enjoyed the game.

During the half-time there were 4 very young football teams playing on half fields. When one of these young players (I would guess they were about 8) would score, the player would run over and do the Lambeau Leap - they had a little help to make sure they made it all the way above the wall - and the fans were faithful to pat them on the back & helmet in congratulations. It was fun and another way to build the community/fan spirit.

If you get the chance to attend a Packer game in Green Bay I would strongly recommend it.

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Julie and Julia

This weekend we went to see Julie & Julia. It is a good movie – I would like to see the actresses be considered for Academy Awards. But as I think on it, it is a movie about so much. There are the relationships, aspirations, disappointments, blogging, and cooking. This is a movie that may be considered a chick flick but my husband enjoyed it so much, he is looking forward to seeing it again and owning it.

The movie does inspire you to want to accomplish something … to finish something … to find yourself. But I took away a couple of different thoughts. The first is the need in humans to accomplish things. Some people desire to accomplish great and public things – find the way to peace in the Middle East, be president, own a Fortune 100 company, find the cure for some dreaded disease, etc. – but most people desire to accomplish things that will impact their smaller circle of influence, their family & friends – be a caring person, raise children that love the Lord, pay all of their bills on time, etc.

In the film, Julie wanted to finish something and she decided to attempt cooking her way thru Julia Child’s cookbook. She set a goal – realistic but ambitious, found support for her idea, and it was something that at the heart she enjoyed doing – cooking. When we set out to accomplish a goal, we need to make sure we have these simple but vital steps down.

The film also set the premise of her keeping a public accounting of her progress using a blog.

I work in an industry that is going through great change and much hand wringing over the death of print media. In this film I am reminded, that print media will be different in the future, but the desire to write is not dead or dying. The desire to write is amplified by the web – blogging, online opinions, Twitter, etc. If you have any questions about people’s desire to write – just look at all the blogs, forums, commentary, etc. Look at me – a blogger.

Why do we blog? There are as many reasons as blogs. Reasons to blog include keeping in touch with family & friends, to influence our readers (all 5 of them), to express our opinions, and to explore our interests. Blogging is therapeutic – we vent our frustrations, “say” aloud our concerns, and want to hear back from our readers (all 5 of them). We can try out ideas for a story or a political thought. For some blogging is a way of spreading the word about what they are doing, writing, or projects they are involved in. Others find it a way to be in touch with the world.

But what is it that all bloggers have in common - the desire to write and the hope to be read and understood.

Go see the film. You may not become a blogger but you will be inspired.


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