Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Moving Changes Everything...

We have been in our house almost 3 weeks. Most of the boxes are unpacked and it is starting to feel like home. I have spent a good deal of time shopping, trying to restock. Last night I was at Wal-Mart to pick up a shower cleaner, and standing there in the aisle of cleaners I realized I do not have most of my cleaners. So it was fill the basket time – again. This is one example of what moving has done to my life. The movers would not move cleaning products, so they had to be left behind. The movers packed our house (and believe me that was a job) but I have been surprised at what I have found packed together in the boxes.

Even with the bright sun and pleasant temperatures, we all know that winter is coming. Looking in the closets, there are lots of clothes we will need. We have almost no winter clothes – ski clothes, but no winter wear everyday clothes. We gave our snow shovel away years ago when we left Michigan, so now we need a snow shovel. When we lived in Michigan, we lived in a townhouse and only needed to clear a small porch and walkway – snow shovel did the job nicely. Now, we live in a house and we need a snow blower. Before we left Houston, we traded vehicles with one of our sons, who was thoughtful enough to include a windshield snow brush, since he still had one from their Virginia to Houston move. Snow brush - just one more reminder we are not in Houston any longer.

I am not complaining, just recognizing some of the everyday changes that are happening – and if any of my family is reading this giving some ideas for Christmas gifts.