Saturday, February 17, 2007

Journaling, writing, blogging ...

I recently read an article about some of the benefits to journaling. (Here’s the link to the article ) But look at these excerpts

Writing about your emotions can help produce clarity and calm, not just in your relationship, but in other aspects of your life as well. Write down your deepest thoughts about your career, your family, your pets, your dreams for the future -- anything. The simple act of focusing for a few minutes on those important things in your life may help you feel more enthusiastic or positive about them. Even if journaling doesn't make your love life or your career the epitome of perfection, there are other very real health benefits. It can lower stress, lift depression, boost immunity, and cut down on trips to the doctor.

Now given this little bit of information, why aren’t you writing? Don’t you want better health and to be a more positive person?

I must admit I truly enjoy the time I spend rambling. Most of the time, I write silly stuff that makes no difference to anyone but it does make me feel better. I used to write when I would get upset and then tear it up (or burn it). This is very healthy for me. I can vent and I don’t have to share it with everyone – so people think I am almost always happy. And I guess in a way they are right – I feel better after I write all the things that are causing me pain and then destroying the words frees me from the anger and bitterness.

Now days I write just because I can. At the time I was first diagnosed with RA, my doctor told me to continue doing what ever I normally do even when there is pain, otherwise I will loose the ability to do these things. Typing is something I do daily. On the weekends, I frequently write my rambles just to keep my joints working. Those weekends when I don’t type my hands become very stiff.

I started blogging as a way of sharing some of my day-to-day thoughts for friends to read – a chance for them to learn a little more about me. Of course, some people that read these rambles are not friends but curious people and it provides them a chance to “peek” into someone else’s life without being labeled a "peeping Tom."

So let’s review – journaling helps relieve stress, helps us to focus, lifts our spirits, boost the immunity systems, cuts down on visits to the doctor, provides opportunity to share thoughts, and improve relationships – why aren’t you writing?


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and so I will ramble about this holiday. In researching (yes, I do research) this holiday I found very little of substance. However, one story is of a priest named Valentine that would marry Roman soldiers against Roman law. Another story that is more romantic is the priest Valentine was in prison. The day before he was martyred, he gave a note to the daughter of his jailor that he signed “from your Valentine.”

Valentine’s Day or a lover’s day is celebrated in many countries including England, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Norway, Mexico, Slovenia, Finland, Iran, and Romania. Some of these countries celebrate it some time other than February 14 but the emphasis is on showing you care for someone. Of course, greeting card companies encourage this holiday.

So why do we bother saying we love someone or care for someone on Valentine’s Day? Why do we send gifts to that special person on Valentine’s Day? Shouldn’t this be done every day? Of course we should remember and make the effort to tell our loved ones that we love and care for them. Valentine’s Day is a day to remind us to do it!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.
Elaine H. Chocolate Valentine