Saturday, July 04, 2009

What do the phrases “Happy Fourth of July” and “Happy Holidays” have in common? Thy are both phrases used in place of the name of the holiday. It has become politically correct to wish people “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas.” This is to keep us from offending someone who celebrates Christmas, or Kwanza, or Hanukah, or other holiday, or nothing.

“Happy Fourth of July” is to replace “Happy Independence Day.” Why the substitution? I don’t know but am concerned about it. Jay Leno once asked people when is Independence Day, and the people he showed on his show had no clue but worse many did not why Independence Day is celebrated.

Are we afraid to recognize that as a country we made a declaration of independence - a statement that we are a free people with the right to govern ourselves. Those that signed the Declaration of Independence knew the cost - their livelihood, families, wealth, and even their lives -- could we do it today. Are we a people with enough backbone to make a declaration and be prepared to defend our declaration even with our wealth and life? I like to think that as a nation we are. I know there are people who believe that life is about getting along, nothing right or wrong, and those people could not have signed the Declaration of Independence. Those people say they support our troops but are first to protest when paying and supplying those troops is discussed. Those people welcome foreign leaders as rock stars even when then verbally attack our country and leaders. Those people lack backbone. Those people would wish you a Happy Fourth of July and have no idea what Independence Day is about.

Today is July fourth, our Independence Day. Have a safe and happy Independence Day.