Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Start of the New Year ...

Since the New Year, I have started a new job – well it is a new position with the same employer. I was asked to take over the administrative duties of our new Honors College. It is very different being back in a college. Right now there are 2 people that make up the college – me and the interim dean. But we are busy recruiting students and faculty, creating a budget, and looking at ways to grow the college. It is exciting to be part of something new. The net of it is I do not have to work on the weekends and really long days. I am learning a lot and enjoying not working such long hours. I suspect my health may even improve.

We have moved to a smaller home. We had lived in our home for 17 years. This is our first downsizing. In the future, there will be other such downsizing, but this first one was hard. We still have boxes to unpack but it is starting to feel like home. I am now 4 blocks from work and my husband has only a 20 minute commute (it had been an hour and 20 minutes one way). There are days when I walk to work – I know this will be good for my health.

We have joined a new church and are starting to get involved with the activities. It is strange going to a new church, but we need this so much. I know this is also good for my health.

Let’s review – new less stressful job, less stressful commute, fewer things to keep up with, more time at home, more time for church and friends, and more opportunities for exercise. Yep, my health should improve – maybe not physical health but emotional health for sure.