Friday, December 05, 2008

Top Ten Things To Do When Its Cold Outside

Winter has come to Wisconsin. It is very cold and the locals say it is colder earlier than usual. In Wisconsin winter lasts a long time. This prospect is the inspiration for this Ramble about the Top Ten Things to do when it is too cold outside….

10. Shop online – very easy to spend lots of money and time without having to put on a coat, gloves, hat, scarf, boots, and extra layer of lip protection and best of all everything is delivered to your door

9. Clean out the closets and drawers – watch out for spiders and other creatures taking advantage of the warm place you are cleaning. You might want to have handy a book to identify those creatures so you will know if you need to go to the hospital if bitten, stung, or whatever – information and pictures can be found online

8. Read a really big book with lots of characters and subplots – might need to keep a piece of paper near by to keep score of the characters and what they are doing, if you need a book check online

7. Watch the entire collection of your favorite movie or TV series – consider writing up a review of each and rating them against each other – hey books have been written on lesser topics, if you don’t believe me check out some of the crazy books available online

6. Complete a craft project – if necessary you can probably buy the missing supplies and instructions for the project you have had started for so long online

5. Learn a new language – there are lots of language CD/DVDs that help you master a new language online

4. Begin a home exercise program – before beginning confirm the foundation for the new exercise room is adequate for the extra pounding and a soft carpet to collapse on is also useful. Many do-it-yourself exercise and motivation programs are available online

3. Write a book – you have had an eventful life it could be fun to write it down for your family to enjoy when you are gone. To get you started there are books with prompting questions available online.

2. Redecorate your home or a room – a fresh coat of paint or new curtains can change a room dramatically and change your outlook. Lots of ideas and plans are available online.

1. Cuddle up with your favorite person – this activity benefits 2 people and is not available online.

Guess which one(s) I will be doing this winter.