Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Garden Report

When Jason was at basic training I wrote at least once a week. After all, I didn’t want him to think he was forgotten. But it didn’t take long before I realized I needed something to write about. Something interesting, something changing, and something we both knew a little about. Thus was born my Garden Report. When Jason was through basic training he shared with me that the Garden Report was hit not only with him but also with the other men in basic training. (Apparently, mail, any mail, received in basic training becomes public property.) Jason said the Garden Report was hit because it helped everyone to see life outside basic training was continuing and growing.

Any time you have a garden (and this includes a yard or a potted plant) you see things growing and changing. Working with a garden is very therapeutic. First it is alive, growing, and changing. After you plant a seed you see the first leaves appear and these are replaced by true leaves. The plant continues to grow, flower, produce fruit, and die. Way too easy to see this is a reflection of our lives. When working with something living you will work hard to keep it going and nourished, you give of yourself. This is part of the therapy – get outside of your own concerns and worries and start being concerned for something else. It helps to give you perspective. I could go on and on about the benefits of working in a garden but you can figure it out for yourself.

Here is the Garden Report:
Okra, tomatoes, and peppers are all growing well and producing. Looks like I will have more tomatoes that I can possibly eat so beware if I show up at your doorstep I probably will have tomatoes for you. The green beans are growing and blooming. The roses, crepe myrtles, cannas, and hibiscuses are blooming. The yard is full of color. I’m hoping for lots of butterflies. The trees in the front yard hide the house. The backyard trees are doing very well and providing much needed shade. It has been very dry here so that means lots of watering which has caused the grass to grow and grow – requires lots of mowing. We had to take out 3 rosebushes that had died and hidden in the ground below one of the rosebushes were 3 frogs.

Always surprises in the garden. Gardening