Sunday, November 09, 2008

"Rose" Bush in the Cold

There is a bush in the area that over the past few weeks has turned red. Not a cherry or cranberry red but a rose red. It is like you have a rose bush in full bloom in the cold. There are no blooms just red leaves. Sometimes this bush is allowed to grow very tall but it still looks like a bush. Where I am working there are a couple of these bushes outside the window close to my desk. It has been a great spot of color with the other bushes and trees now barren. When the sun shines the bush seems to glow a soft pink. This past week the bush has started dropping its leaves. Now the ground around the tree looks like it covered with rose petals, like an aisle covered with petals waiting for the bride to come in. Very pretty and maybe a reminder nature is waiting for the bride.

Something to think about and something new for me in this new place.